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Sicknote is powered by Australian Healthcare practitioners who know that getting a same-day/next-day consult with a GP is not as easy as it use to be. If you can’t get in to see your regular GP, and all you need is a sick certificate for work, think Sicknote for me. Get started today.


carers leave certificates
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Carer’s Leave

Paid and unpaid carers leave is subject to the same entitlements and regulations as sick leave. Understand what you are entitled to, as a permanent or casual employee.

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centrelink medical certificates differ slightly from standard employee medical certificates
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Our medical certificates are not suitable for Centrelink. To meet the requirements you will need to consider a full consult with a GP. You can learn more on the Centrelink website.

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Fair Work Australia can help you understand the rules regarding medical certificates.
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Fair Work

Learn more about your rights and responsibilities regarding sick leave entitlements and medical certificates on the Fair Work website, and know where you stand.

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